¡Aserraderos en Acción!

Bienvenido a la sección de Videos en acción, donde podrán ver el trabajo en terreno de los Equipos Wood-Mizer , en sectores rurales y en distintos lugares del mundo.

River Valley School - pt2
Red Pine trees are dying quickly in the forest. The GreenSquared Building Association is volunteering to harvest and mill several dozen trees to produce materials for the Tech-ed class to build a log cabin next fall. www.Greensquaredbuilding.com has more information.
River Valley School
The GreenSquared Building Association is doing a demonstration harvest in our School Forest to promote using the annual growth of the timber for many benefits to the School and local community. The smallest possible equipment is used to accomplish this work, to protect the forest. www.GreenSquaredBuilding.com has more information.
ponts logging & lumber demos
Band Saw in action demoed by Pont's Logging and Lumber http://pontsloggingandlumber.com/ ... Wood Band Saw Wood-Mizer ...
as George Hernandez mills his own 2X4's from trees using the "Wood-Mizer'. ... from timber to lumber george hernandez ...
Woodmizer LT50 Sawmill
2007 Woodmizer LT50 Cutting a 27in. dia. walnut log. Going very slow... first time running the mill. For more info see www.saw-n-logs.net
Woodmizer LT40 portable bandmill
Woodmizer LT40 sawmill. ... woodmizer; wood-mizer; bandmill; sawmill; saw; band; log; tree; mill; olalla ...
Wood Mizer
Uncle Noel showin off his lumber mill.
Wod-Mizer LT70 City Wood Company
Have a look at our Wood-Mizer team at work.
Small Log Processing Production on the Island of Martinique
Small Log Processing production on the Caribbean Island of Martinique
Small Log Processing Production in Thailand
Sahakij Klaeng CO. LTD. show their Small Log Processing operation in Klaeng, Thailand
Small Log Processing Production in Gujarat, India
Video from a customer in India using the Small Log Processing System
Small Log Processing production in Dehradun, India
Video from a customer in India using the Small Log Processing System
Sawmilling Curved Logs on WoodMizer
Our forest if full of curved white oak trees, left over by loggers in the past. We have found a way to safely fell these leaning trees and make a lot of money from what others think are 'cull' trees. We make top quality - high value flooring that we will install in our customer's home. more at www.TimbergreenFarm.com
Sawing Lumber with Wood-Mizer
a short clip sawing lumber with a woodmizer. taking the first cut. spruce. ... sask saskatchewan woodmizer sawing sawer ...



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